Hi, it's me!
I'm a People & Travel Photographer

Nice to meet you! I'm Lena, a creative mind from Hamburg, Germany. I started photography when I was 16. That means I feel comfortable holding a camera for more than 10 years now. I was always the small and quiet girl with the big camera – the artsy one.

I'm not only a photographer but also a graphic designer with a degree in communication design and work as an Art-Director in a small design agency in Hamburg Ottensen. Besides my huge passion for photography I love to create books and to illustrate. I'm an observer and I like to document everything.

When I’m not creating images or designing stuff, you will find me with my partner in crime Felix (you can see him in many of my travel photos), going out with friends, buying ice cream or traveling the world. We love to discover new cities and landscapes. We're dreaming of doing a big trip soon. But for now we try to use every single minute to make something out of it and visit new places as often as possible.


Due to the current situation I have no exact travel plans at the moment.

But you'll find my latest travel adventures on my blog or on Mapify. @lenasteinke

What I love

Moody days, cats, coffee, mountains & oceans, Design, cozy knit sweaters, The Office, Ólafur Arnalds, flea markets

Fast Facts

Get to know me


I can't decide between mountains and oceans

I grew up near to the sea in Schleswig-Holstein but absolutely love mountains, even though the next big mountain range is pretty far away from Hamburg. My dream vacation always combines both – mountains and oceans. Ideally combined with a road trip. Maybe that's the reason why I fell in love with New Zealand.


"I'm not superstitious but I am a little stitious."

I'm a The Office superfan and try to spread my love for this show with many dumb inside jokes. So be prepared for many many Michael Scott quotes. And I'f you know the german adaptation of it and think "Stromberg" is better, feel free to discuss with me until midnight.


I could listen to sad piano songs 24/7

I simply love sad music, especially by Ólafur Arnalds, Hania Rani or Max Richter. My favorite genre is neoclassic but I'm also known for being into some kind of trash music and I've been to concerts of the non-existent Technoband Fraktus and Electrolore King Alexander Marcus.


How to pimp an undrinkable wine?

I invented this cool drink that combines iced tea and cheap white wine. My favorite iced tea for this drink is the red one from Pfanner. Its citrus and pomegranate and delicious, especially if the wine you bought is not that great. Trust me, it's a great way to make undrinkable wine drinkable.

Nice words

from kind people

Lena! I am in awe 😍 Truly, yours are my favorite photos ever taken!!
The way you captured the emotion of the moment, the moody composition and tone of the story make the photos come to life in a dream state. Also the fact that we captured the Alster which is my favorite place in the world makes me cry of happiness. Thank you thank you thank you ❤️ I really love your images and cherish these memories in Hamburg. I just returned to LA and opening these beauties gave me a piece of Hamburg I felt I lost. Thank you capturing my dream Alster shoot, I really enjoyed our time together!!🤗💛

Tara Blanchard

You have incredible talent! We felt so comfortable and the pictures are breathtakingly beautiful! You have such a warm and great nature. I can't get enough of the images. The photos are full of emotion and passion.

Dear Lena, you are gorgeous and I would hire you as my wedding photographer anytime because you capture the beautiful moments with so much heart! Thank you so much

Julia & David