4. November 2020

Lofoten: Ryten Hike & New Years Eve

On New Year’s Eve we went hiking. We planned to hike to the top of Ryten Mountain. Unfortunately it was very stormy and snowed continuously, so that the ascent was a bit more difficultand the view to the famous Kvalvika Beach was not really given.

You might know it, this one famous spot on the Lofoten with the rock and the view of the beautiful Kvalvika Beach? This is exactly where we wanted to go at noon on 31.12.2019 to do one last great hike of the year. It started off relaxed. There was a lot of snow and it snowed slightly even during the hike. The snow, however, quickly got worse and stormier, and really hurt my face. Felix built me a face shield with a towel to protect my face. On top of that, there were very slippery sections on the way and we couldn’t see the real trail through the mass of snow anymore. It was hard, at least much harder than we thought.

Actually the trail is 3.6 km one way (7.2 km round) with a climb of 543 m. Quite possible. After I sank knee-deep into the snow and fell down, I gave up at some point. It was not far away from the mentioned view to the beach, but you couldn’t see anything anyway.

When we arrived back at the car, we went shopping and prepared everything for the evening. We celebrated the new year in our hot pool. With wine and snow and once again without northern lights.