1. November 2020

Lofoten: Hamnøy, Reine & Fredvang

It was polar night and we only had 3-4 hours per day to explore the island. The third day we visited Reine, Hamnøy, Å i Lofoten and Fredvang.

On the third day we set off in the middle of the darkness and saw it getting a little brighter during the drive. First we stopped in Hamnøy. This place is very famous on Instagram. But actually there is only one photo spot here, the view from the bridge to the small fishermen’s cabins and the mountain Festhelltinden in the background.

Afterwards we kept on driving to Å i Lofoten or short Å. The European Road 10 ends in this place. We walked around the village, but everything was closed and empty. After a short stop in Reine, we drove to Fredvang and soon it got dark again.