18. September 2020

Lofoten: Visiting Ramberg, Nusfjord & Vikten

We spent New Year’s Eve 2019/2020 on the Lofoten Islands. It was polar night and we only had 3-4 hours per day to explore the island. The second day we visited Ramberg, Nusfjord and Vikten.

It felt as if the 4 of us were the only people on Lofoten Islands. No matter where we went, there were no other tourists. Maybe it was because it was just after Christmas and before New Year’s Eve or maybe because it was polar night in northern Norway. This means that you won’t really see any sunlight. The sun never rises above the horizon. But it is not completely dark all the time. There are about 3-4 hours per day that you can use to explore the island. During this time it is always like during the blue hour.

On the second day we first explored the beach of Ramberg. It is a beautiful, quiet sandy beach, which invites you to take a walk. Here you can also find a small red hut, which has become very popular with travel photographers through Instagram.

Afterwards we drove to Nusfjord. It is a small village, but at that time it seemed incredibly abandoned. Small fishermen’s cabins are built here on piles in the water and in the small harbour there are some nice fishing boats.

Just before it was completely dark again, we drove to the village of Vikten. You can find a small glassblowing shop there, but it was closed. Also closed was the café we wanted to visit. We made friends with a horse, which probably has the best view of the sea, and headed back to our little Airbnb cottage.