1. July 2020

Day Trip to Bohemian Switzerland National Park

In November we decided to go on a small trip to Czech and planned one day of hiking and 2 days in Prague. Unfortunately our car broke down about 50km away from the german border. So we didn’t made it to Prague and stayed in Berlin at a friends home instead. But at least we can say we went hiking in Czech Republic. 

We stayed one night in the hotel U Fořta in Mezná, directly behind the German-Czech border. From there we started our hike to the Prebischtor. It took us about an hour to get there. The trail starts right behind the hotel.

Once arrived at the Prebischtor, we learned that it costs 3 euros entrance fee per person in order to get to further viewing platforms. But the ticket seller was very nice and let me through as a student (what I denied but he ignored my honesty while he was singing in a good mood), so that I paid only 1 euro entrance fee. The viewing platforms on the very top are great!

Then we went on and arrived at the Kamnitzklamm gorges (also known as Edmundsklamm gorges) after about another hour. Instagram made this place quite famous, and I was a bit disappointed (as often happens when you visit places that are too hyped).

Nevertheless it is a nice trip and worth the money. An adult pays 3,50 Euro for a tour. You can take a boat trip in both directions.

We returned to the accommodation where we left the car. On this day we walked about 18 km.

Happy about having seen so much in one day, we wanted to start the trip to Prague. But after about 30 minutes of driving and a slightly steeper hill, the engine smoked, the clutch was broken and we didn’t make any progress at all. Slowly we had to roll down the hill again and we ended up on a Lidl parking lot. There we decided not to visit Prague, informed our Airbnb host and called a friend in Berlin.

If we should make it onto the Autobahn, we would at least make it towards home and could stay in Berlin for the weekend. We made it. We visited Prague a few months later. It was probably not meant to be. Nevertheless, we went hiking in the Czech Republic.