28. June 2020

Summer Roadtrip: Lago di Dobbiaco & Lago di Landro

During our road trip through the northern part of Italy we visited the Lago di Dobbiaco and the Lago di Landro.

After the sunrise hike to Seceda we had breakfast in the Fermeda hut and took the cable car back into the valley to Ortisei. Then we drove further east.

Originally we wanted to visit Lago di Braies aka Lago di Instagram (or in german Pragser Wildsee) but everyone in the Fermeda hut told us to skip this and visit Toblacher See (Lago di Dobbiaco) and Dürrensee (Lago di Landro) instead. That’s what we did and Toblacher See was the first of those two lakes.

When we arrived the the weather changed very quickly and as soon as we started hiking around the lake it was pouring rain. We waited some minutes and the sun came out again.

It’s a nice and easy hike around the lake and there is also a cute little “Instagram house”. The photospot is located not far from the parking lot.

Dürrensee (Lago di Landro) is only a few minutes (8km) away from Lago di Dobbiaco. There are parking spaces directly at the lake. Many people only stop here for a short time and then drive on. We walked a bit closer to the lake. With a low water inflow in summer it warms up more than comparable lakes at similar altitudes and is quite popular for swimming. But be careful, it is very slippery when you enter the water. I almost slipped and fell in.

The view is amazing and you can spot the peaks of beautiful Monte Cristallo from there.