1. May 2020

Summer Roadtrip: Rosszahnscharte Loop

We started early in the morning and decided to hike the Rosszahnscharte loop from Compatsch.

The whole tour is 16 km long with 700m altitude up and 700m altitude down. It’s a great daytour and we loved it.

The trail starts in Compatsch, where we parked our car. After 2,5 km we reached an area called Ladinser Moos. It was very foggy and we could’t see anything, except some friendly cows and some other people. After 6,5 km hiking through foggy nature and an exhausting hike to the top we reached Rosszahnscharte. As soon as we reached the top of the mountain the sky had cleared and it was finally possible to see the nature surrounding us.

We paused at Tierser Alpl Schutzhaus ate something and continued the hike. Soon we passed a cute little church, called Dialer Kirchl and Mahlknechthütte.

The hike itself was exhausting but after 21 km of walking around in the most beautiful nature we were more than happy at the end of the day.