22. February 2020

Komodo National Park: Kanawa Island

Kanawa is a cute little island in Komodo National Park. The island is famous for its white sand beaches and coral reefs. It’s a small paradise.

We got up very early again because we wanted to be on Kanawa Island by sunrise. But somehow we had to wait quite long until someone came to the pier. There is an entrance fee we had to pay at this pier. The fee fee is 100,000 rp, which is about 6,70€. 

The sun had just risen and our tour guide met a fellow student on the island who studied tourism with her and spent a practical year on Kanawa. After we walked along the pier, we set off and crawled up the local mountain of the island (in flip-flops, which are not really suitable for climbing mountains). From there we had a great view to the water and the wider surroundings.

We snorkeled a bit in the shallow and crystal clear water and swam. But I really couldn’t spend a whole day lying there on the beach. I was already bored after about an hour.

First the crew stated that we had about 4 hours time on Kanawa Island. But at some point it went really fast and we returned to the boat after about 2.5 hours. Then we stopped at a lonely island where we collected a small group of tourists (we really don’t know where they came from) who went on tour with the boat after us. We were said goodbye at the port of Labuan Bajo and then went to eat something in the village before we returned to the airport to return to Denpasar.