9. February 2020

Padar Island, Pink Beach & Komodo Dragons

On day two in Komodo National Park we witnessed the sunrise on Padar Island, snorkeled on a pink beach and met some Komodo Dragons on Rinca.

We got up very early in the morning to watch the sunrise on Padar Island. Unlike a night on a rocking boat with a noisy generator, the morning on the mountain of Padar Island was so nice and quiet. Please do not expect to be alone at this place. Of course many other tourists want to see this place and also at sunrise it is relatively crowded here. The way up the peak is slightly exhausting even in the morning, when it is still a bit colder. 

If you want to find a little place for yourself and not have a handful of people around you, just go to the end of the path. It’s funny how almost all tourists really stop at a single rock. When we were there a queue has formed in front of this spot, just so that everyone could make a selfie there one after the other. Just keep on walking. The path leads you up higher. Many people stop at that one photo stop and miss the best views from the top of the hill. And there are more rocks to stand on and to take that one special photo with your arms wide open.

After watching the beautiful sunrise on Padar Island and being back on the boat, we went on to the pink beach on the other side of the island. When looking up Komodo tours you will see pink beach on almost every list. But there is not only one specific pink beach.

The famous pink beach is located in Komodo island but there is also this great alternative in Pulau Padar. Our guide told us that this one is less crowded and a little bit bigger that the more famous sibling on the other island. This is the perfect spot for swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear water.

After snorkeling at long beach in Pulau Padar our tour continued in Rinca. This island is often overlooked by tourists on their way to the more-popular Komodo Island. Our guide told us that it is much more likely to spot Komodo dragons in their natural habit in Rinca instead of Komodo Island and we spotted a few of them right away. It was a great experience to see those famous dragons in real life but the park itself was a little bit disappointing. Don’t expect much from the dragons. They were quite lazy when we visited the Loh Buaya Komodo National Park. You’ll have the choice to walk 3 different tracks on the island of Rinca and with a bit of luck you can spot more wildlife on the hike; maybe even another komodo dragon. We chose the medium hike and weren’t that lucky but the hike was very beautiful though. The path leads up the hill with a beautiful meadow and a great view over the island. In the evening we just enjoyed the last beautiful sunset with a beer.