9. February 2020

Komodo National Park: Flying Foxes

We spent 2 wonderful nights on a private boat in Komodo National Park. On our first evening we saw Flying Foxes sneaking out into the night above us.

We traveled from Denpasar to Labuan Bajo, took a taxi to the harbour and asked every travel agency for their best Komodo cruise offer. After an exhausting morning and many different offers we realized, that all the group cruises were only available from the next day on. We wanted to stay 2 nights on a boat to see as many spots as possible.

After a short while we decided to rent a private boat to start 2 hours later from Labuan Bajo. The whole trip was amazing and the first hours on the boat felt magical. The first stop was Pulau Kalong where we witnessed flying foxes sneaking out into the night above us. A very special moment and totally worth the loud and swaying nights on the water.