9. February 2020

Bali: Tegallalang Rice Terrace

Tegallalang Rice Terrace is a classic tourist attraction in Bali and very popular as a day trip. Of course we wanted to see this big rice terrace, but we tried to avoid the crowds. So we got up at 3am to watch the sunrise at this place.

The alarm clock rang around 3am and our driver arrived as planned to pick us up. When we arrived at Tegallalang Rice Terace after a 20 minute drive, we were the only tourists there and it was pitch dark. Unfortunately we had made a mistake and thought in a different time zone, since we were still in Java a few days before, where the time zone is one hour ahead. So we had no other choice than to wait. Soon we were in the company of a small dog, which accompanied us the whole time.

Around 6 o’clock the sun finally rose and we could soon see the shapes of the Rice Terrace. We explored the narrow paths of the field at blue hour and discovered smaller swings and temples. And some nests where you can take selfies. I don’t get it. Nevertheless it was a very nice trip. When we returned to the exit, we met more tourists who tried to avoid the masses like us. But for quite a long time we had this popular place all to ourselves.

 I would recommend everyone to come here for sunrise. As soon as we were back on the parking lot it suddenly got really crowded and this place turns into a real instagram hot spot. The first selfies were already made at the entrance and the Bali swings were prepared when we left. You can even rent extra Bali Swing dresses there (of course for a lot of money). 

Afterwards we had breakfast in Ubud and walked around the town. We also visited the Ubud Palace and the Saraswati Temple before we returned to the villa and spent the rest of the day just hanging out in the pool. In the evening we went to the nearby restaurant Uma Mandi Cafe for dinner. The next day we went on to the Komodo National Park. I was really looking forward to that. You can check out the Blog Article here.