7. January 2020

Bali: Ubud Kajeng Rice Fields & Ridge Walk

We did two short but beautiful hikes leading us along rice fields and palm trees. With the Kajeng Rice Field Walk and Campuhan Ridge Walk we found the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle in Ubud.

After walking up and down the crowded streets of Ubud, we decided to explore some quiet parts of Ubud and found the Kajeng Rice Fields Walk. It was very beautiful and absolutely quiet on this trail. We were almost alone and it was not even that early or late in the evening. We walked there around noon and the only people we saw besides some locals were sitting in the Warung Sweet Orange. In the small restaurant we sat down and enjoyed a cold drink. The decoration there was somehow creepy, but also very special. Painted and carved coconuts hung from the ceiling and rattled in the light wind.

In the evening we did the Campuhan Ridge walk. The trail starts next to a Balinese temple and led us up a hill. From there the path goes up and down, always surrounded by grass-green rice fields. To do this little walk you don’t have to go far out of town and you are still right next to the center of Ubud. It is the perfect rest from all the noise and traffic there. We have been there at sunset and would recommend to go there either at sunrise or sunset. The light is very nice at these times and since a trip to this place is quite popular (not only with tourists) it is a little bit emptier in the evening or morning. This excursion is of course free of charge and open at all times, as the path is open to everyone.