22. December 2019

Bali: Ubud’s Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud could be quite scary. But it’s also a great experience to see all the monkeys living in this park.

We slept longer than planned and recovered from the last exhausting days, which had little to do with relaxation. But we have experienced and seen a lot on Java. First we went to a nice café and had a little breakfast. Then we headed to Ubud’s Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. 

The monkey forest of Ubud is a popular tourist spot. In my opinion, rightly so! We had to pay an entrance fee of 80.000 IDR, which is about 5€. 

The Monkey Forest is a little south of the centre and we just walked there. The main attraction are of course the about 650 monkeys, which live here in natural surroundings and completely voluntarily. They can run around freely and were actually not enclosed at all. The monkey forest is not a zoo, but rather a mysterious park, which partly reminds of a jungle. There are also three holy temples: Pura Dalem Agung, Pura Beij and Pura Prajapati. But tourists are not allowed to enter these temples.

The monkeys in the forest are used to visitors and are not afraid of contact. Which means first and foremost that they want to steal something from you. Very popular are bottles of all kinds, food, hats and sunglasses. We stowed everything in our backpack at the entrance, except a water bottle which we held in our hands to drink regularly. And exactly this one was stolen and chewed up by one of the monkeys. When we finally got it back, there were holes in the plastic everywhere and of course we didn’t want to use it anymore. 

We spent about 2 hours in the park and explored some little streets afterwards. In the evening we went to eat at Murni’s Warung and tried the popular Satay skewers. The food was really delicious and the restaurant nicely decorated. There was a very beautiful garden and we could hear water splashing.