25. November 2019

Java: A colorful rainbow village Jodipan

While our stay on Java we explored the colorful village Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan, also known as the rainbow village in Malang.

After an exhausting day on Mount Bromo and a night disrupted by countless prayer calls from 90 decibel speakers, we definitely had to catch up on some sleep and, for once, slept for quite a while. After breakfast, we walked to the colorful neighborhood called Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan.

Malang is different than Bali, we realized that when we walked through the streets here. Apart from us, there were very few other tourists here. Only when we arrived at the colorful houses, we met other travelers. In between, we had to take a lot of selfies with Asian tourists, because we were asked over and over again for “Photo, Photo”.

In order to enter the colorful district you should pay an amount of 3.000 IDR (about 0,20€) at the entrance and get a small key chain. We sauntered through the alleyways where children played and women washed their clothes on the street as usual. It felt almost weird to enter the privacy of the neighborhood and capture everything with the camera. But that was exactly what was wanted here.

The district was very impoverished some time ago and resembled a ghetto. So some students came up with the idea to paint all houses colorfully and to make an attraction out of it –  with success! Many people are romping here, it is much cleaner than in other areas that we have seen in Malang and it has gained some fame.

Soon we reached a bridge from where we had a great view over the village. A man approached us and told us that the other side would be even more beautiful and that we should definitely visit the area too. So we paid a small amount again and he led us around there. He took pictures with us and told us something about the neighborhood.

Then it was already about 1 pm. Originally we planned to visit the waterfalls Tumpak Sewu and Goa Tetes on that day. We thought it would be easy to find a Grab or taxi driver to take us there. Unfortunately, all drivers demanded far too much for the trip that day, as all locals and national tourists were traveling around during their national holidays.

Frustrated by the stress and a long list of things that went wrong on vacation. We sat down in a cafe. At least the coffee was good. There we ate something and drank coffee until we returned to the accommodation.