7. November 2019

Bali South Kuta: Pantai Suluban Beach

In June 2019, Felix and I traveled to Indonesia. We spent 2.5 weeks there and visited Bali, Java, Nusa Penida and the Komodo National Park. After a very long flight and without our luggage (thanks to the airport in Malaysia), we arrived in Bali and drove to our first accommodation in South Kuta. First stop in Bali was the pantai suluban beach.

We slept for a long time and drove to the airport around noon. We had to pick up our luggage, which had not been transferred the day before. With borrowed clothes and the strong heat, we felt somehow not so well. Luckily we got our backpacks relatively fast and drove back to the accommodation. It was already about 2 pm when we were finally ready to explore the area with our rented scooter. The traffic on Bali is enormous and I was glad that Felix took over the driving.

First stop in Bali was the pantai suluban beach. After exploring some secret beaches around the main beach we explored all the small hidden caves, which proved to be absolutely perfect as a location for some portraits or couple photos. This is also an area where you will meet a lot of wedding photographers. But not only photographers enjoy this beach. Of course there were also a lot of surfers in the water.