25. May 2019

California: San Francisco & Marshall’s Beach

We spent our last day in California together with Alison in San Francisco. We strolled through Mission District, Chinatown and visited Marshall’s Beach in the evening.

Felix and I started in the day alone and went to Mission-District. There we ate breakfast and drank a cappuccino to wake up. Well-fortified, we explored the district, rummaged in several thrift stores and spent quite a while in the bookstore “Dog Eared Books”. There were many graphic novels, design books and a cookbook by Snoop Dogg. Then we turned into Clarion Alley. This alley is known for the many colorful murals painted by the Clarion Alley Mural Project.

After a while in Mission-District, we met Alison again and went to Chinatown. There we ate something in a very authentic restaurant. We couldn’t read the menu and Alison just ordered something to share. The food was ok, but the atmosphere in the restaurant was a bit sketchy. People spit their food on the table beneath us and we really did not feel very comfortable there. We saw it as an experience and laughed about it for a long time.

In the evening we ordered an Uber and were driven to Marshall’s Beach. You can not get directly to the beach by car so we had to walk down the steep stairs to the beach. Down at the beach a beautiful sunset awaited us. There were hardly any other people there.

From the beach you have a fantastic view of the famous Golden Gate Bridge and I would definitely have expected more people here. We stayed until it was completely dark, took many pictures and enjoyed the last whole day in the USA. We even saw dolphins swimming very close to the shore in the sunset. It was fantastic.

Marshall’s Beach has definitely been my favorite place in San Francisco. Unfortunately we did not see much of the city, but this place definitely stays in the head. In the evening we went to a great Italian restaurant.